Do you provide FREE estimates?

Yes! We will come to your property, asses your roof, discuss your options, and then provide a written proposal for you to review.

What do you want in a roofing contractor?

To start, have a plan for what your project wants and needs for the contractor to execute them based off your vision. Knowing this allows you to have an open and honest conversation about your needs and expectations while hiring said contractor. A good contractor will be able to take that information and help guide you through their system processes.

How can you find the right roofing contractor, for you?

Take the time to research the contractor. When looking up the company, keep an eye out for their customer reviews and how their experience went with said contractor. Don't be afraid to ask for their references! If you decide to speak with them, ask them about the contractor's professionalism, communication and their general overall experience.

Do you provide a warranty with your work?

Contractor’s Warranty: Article #4 , 4.1.1 For a period of 10 years, the Contractor will warrant against water intrusion through the roofing system. The warranty does not include damage as a result of abuse or negligence, structural faults, severe weather including lightning, windstorms, hurricanes, acts of God or situations not related to faulty workmanship. ***Disclaimer: Warranty is subject to change, refer to the contract presented by Premium Roofing Systems at the time of signing for your warranty coverage, inclusions and exclusions.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes we are. We are licensed for roofing and general contracting in the entire state of Florida. Our state certified DBPR license numbers are: 1333047

Will you handle permit filing?

Yes. We will prepare and file all paperwork necessary to complete your roof project.



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