Service Finance, a Division of Truist Financial Corporation based in Boca Raton, Florida, delivers innovative payment solutions to more than 14,000 home improvement contractors to aid in helping them provide you, the borrower, with financing options for a wide range of home improvement products and projects including a new roof!

Service Finance has made the process quite simple and easy. Being as our Company is an Authorized Dealer Company for Service Finance, we can help you obtain the means necessary to replace your old or damaged roofing system with a simple applicant process that can be conducted in our office or via a phone call. 

  • More than 80% of Service Finance’s loan applications are completed on its mobile app., offering homeowners a simple, fast and paperless experience. 

We recommend meeting with our Company Finance Expert so that any and all questions and concerns can be addressed to ensure a smooth process. We will take into account everything that is needing to be contracted so we can make sure we fit you with the best loan for your project.

The Process

Schedule Appointment: Meet with our Company Finance Expert in office or via phone call. 

Application Information: Determine Loan Amount Discuss Down Payment & Choose Financing Plan 

Required Information: Form of State ID Social Security Number Income Information *Pay stubs are not required for Proof of Income 

*Interest Rate subject to Credit Approval 

*Add Co-Signer- if applicable 

Once everything is submitted, we can have an answer back within minutes!


“How is the Roofing Company paid?” 

You may send in your payment with your monthly pre-printed coupon, use Service Finance’s secure online borrower portal, or contact the billing dept. at (866) 254-0497 (option 5) during regular business hours. 


“When is my first payment due?” 

Your first payment will be due 30 days after the install is complete, and your first monthly statement will arrive 18 days after work is complete via US Mail.

“How do I make my payments?” 

Once all contracted work is complete, you will authorize the payment. Service Finance will issue payment to the Roofing Company directly.

“Can I pay off my loan early?” 

Absolutely! The best part of the deal is there are no prepayment fees associated with paying your loan off early.

For more FAQs, please visit

Service Finance Contact


Phone: (866) 393-0033 

Address: 55 S. Federal Hwy. #200 Boca Raton, Florida 33432 


Warranty Information

  • Contractor’s Warranty: Article #4 , 4.1.1  For a period of 10 years, the Contractor will warrant against water intrusion through the roofing system. The warranty does not include damage as a result of abuse or negligence, structural faults, severe weather including lightning, windstorms, hurricanes, acts of God or situations not related to faulty workmanship. 
  • Disclaimer: Warranty is subject to change, refer to the contract presented by Premium Roofing Systems at the time of signing for your warranty coverage, inclusions and exclusions.

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